What Is Training Data

Training data is the dataset used as input for Machine Learning algorithms. It is usually tagged by human, and it is the part of the job that comcumes a lot of money, time and effort.

We provide extensive set of annotation tools

We can also tune our tools and process for your business needs.

Image annotation
Autonomous driving
Image captioning
Entity extraction
Audio classification
Facial recognition
Audio transcription
Your tool

Why Stardust

Built for AI
Service from data scientitist, to data scientist.
Customizable tagging process.
End-to-end training data solution.
Data quality with confidence
Quality control system.
Dynamic reviewing for higher accuracy.
Continuous performance evaluation.
Human intelligence just a click away
Use human labor without housekeeping.
Anytime, anywhere, pay as you go.
Finish your work in hours, not in weeks.

Our Process

Upload your data

Text, images, audio, or video From public sources or your mission-critical systems of record Our specialist will optimize your plan.

We work on it

Dynamically allocate to the best worker Control the data quality for you Eliminate unqualified answers

Get your data

Simply download the result And train your model

About Us

Stardust is a Training-Data-as-a-Service(TDAAS) platform. We provide training data, as well as other ad-hoc works that's done by our qualified human worker. We are available around the clock to turn your raw data into data your machine learning model can use.
From a team of experienced data scientists, we have a deep understanding in machine learning modeling and data annotation. Stardust is proud to be the first Training-Data-as-a-Service provider on the cloud.

CEO lei zhang

Mr. Zhang Lei has worked at the World Bank, Wall Street and Silicon Valley for 8 years, and has broad experience in finance, insurance, data, modeling, AI, etc. He developped the world's first equity investment robot and worked as Chief Data scientist at a FinTech company. Lei graduated from Zhejiang university and holds M.S. degree from George Washington University.

CTO Lei Dong

Dr.Dong Lei graduated from Tsinghua University and he was a visiting scholar at Harvard University. Before joining Stardust, he worked at the Baidu Research lab, specialized in social economic modeling using diverse datasets. During which he deeply involved in social data crowdsourcing.

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